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  • Commercial Marijuana Real Estate

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  • the Vision.

    Achieve Your Potential


    What do you see?


    We see possibility.

    We see a blank canvas.

    We see a massive opportunity.


    Imagine this:

    Multi-level, master-contracted cultivation space sectioned off into squares and rectangles capped with natural light on the top level for a greenhouse rooftop garden.


    Too extreme? No, dream bigger.


    The future of growth.

    Energy/Cost efficient.

    Natural increased production.

    Superior product.


    The benefits of Greenhouses far exceed the cost of construction.


    Do this:

    Purchase correctly-zoned land in a favorable cannabis-friendly County with water rights. Next, check out this Top-Rated Greenhouse company and let them help you design an eco-conscious, sustainable, and progressive greenhouse. Hire a Master Contractor. Grow copious amounts of quality product.

    Become the best.

  • Experience.


    As licensed Real Estate Professionals, licensed Attorneys, and previously-licensed marijuana business owners, we understand the hot cannabis real estate and business markets. We have the experience and knowhow to guide you through the complex regulatory environment that comes with starting and growing your cannabis business.​ Our aim is to create a national platform where like-minded professionals can help each other achieve their marijuana-related real estate and investment goals.


    Our Team pays special attention to:


    ~ Zoning regulations for all cannabis-friendly Counties & Municipalities ~

    ~ Community analysis for Buffer Zones, Distance Requirements, Market Data ~

    ~ Property analysis for Electrical Capacity, HVAC, Security & Investment Potential (ROI) ~

    (Ask us about Solar-Powered, Eco-Conscious, Computer-Automated Greenhouses)


    We also work with marijuana-focused certified contractors, American-Made greenhouse manufacturers, consultants, and industry leaders. Our network of Industry Professionals include Attorneys who specialize in Cannabis and Water Law, Consultants with licensed industry experience, Financial Planners who will help you develop your business to build your portfolio, and Greenhouse Architects that will design/construct the greenhouse of your eco-conscious and sustainable cultivation dreams.


    Interested in joining our network? Let's see how we can create a value partnership to accomplish your cannabis dreams and elevate your business to the next level.


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  • What We Do Best.

    We find you properties that become the foundation of your future business. Let us help you today.

    Go Big.

    3,000 - 7,500 Square Feet | 12' - 14' Ceilings

    Welcome area, office, ADA restroom, small kitchen, cement flooring with drains and a sizable warehouse. The basic starting point for most scalable cannabis cultivation and marijuana manufacturer companies.

    Go Bigger.

    10,000 - 20,000 Square Feet | 16' - 20' Ceilings | Large Lot

    Complete package for an established cannabis company. Multi-offices, multi-ADA (handicap-accessible) restrooms, large commercial kitchen(s), manufacturing area, large property lot for Greenhouse expansion. Significant investment potential and favorable ROI.

    Go Very Big.

    25,000+ Square Feet | 20'+ Ceilings | Several Acres of Land

    Warehouses of this magnitude typically require investors with vision. Ideal scenario for Owner could be to securely divide the property into multiple sections with separate entrances and addresses. Lease those units at the fair market rate and allow the tenants to do their own buildout with a certified/licensed Master Contractor. If buildout and licensing is completed correctly, you will own a ca$h cow. Congrats.

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    Help Your Patients Access Your Product

    General Contractors and Interior Designers available.

    Legally Operate For Everyone 21+

    Every Cannabis-entrepreneur's dream.

    ​Edibles Manufacturing Production Lines

    Commercial operations need commercial locations.

    Concentrates, Testing, Processing 

    State-of-the-art locations designed to fit your needs.

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    "Solar Greenhouses are the future of sustainable growth"​

    Offering build-to-suit greenhouses ranging from 1000 SF to as large as you want to go! These facilities can come equipped with fully computer-automated complete blackout and shade systems. Delivered anywhere in Colorado and the Pacific Coast States (California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii).

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    Private homes with land, barns, greenhouses and more.

    Check out this list of cannabis-friendly properties throughout the legally operating medical and recreational marijuana states. Owner-carry's, lease-to-own, private financing available. Meet licensed, 'friendly' Real Estate Agents near you!

    The listings featured are from the Owner's request.

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