• Palm Springs, California, Cannabis, Park

    Palm Springs, California

    Asking Price: $ Inquire Below


    Innovation and Optimization Maximized Efficiency

    Storage Security Developed for Cannabis Related Commerce

    Licenses Approved for Cultivation, Dispensary and Manufacturing

    Located in Opportunity Zone

    Cannabis Ordinances in Place

    Designed with High Construction Standards

    Delivery/Transport Ease of Access

    Security - Exterior (Wall/Fence/Electrical Gate (Optional)

    Electrical Available

    Water Main on Street Parking Meets City Requirements

    Interstate 10 Full Access

    Presented By: California Licensed Brokerage

    id code: Ca107

    Bend, Oregon, Dispensary, Retail

    Bend, Oregon

    Asking Price: $8,995,000

    This Marijuana Dispensary, was established as the first marijuana dispensary in Bend, Oregon in 2010. Original Historic stone building currently used for wholesale is 806 sqft. and newly built (2017) attached Recreational Dispensary with single story mezzanine 2,590 sqft. This dispensary is in the top 10 of all dispensaries in Oregon with over $5,000,000 in sales per year. In addition to the recreational and medical dispensary for sale is a Turn-Key Commercial Marijuana Cultivation Business.

    • TURN-KEY MIXED Tier 1 Grow Operation

    • Land Size +/- 691,297 SF / +/- 15.87 AC (14 Acres irrigation water rights)

    Orgone Lab

    • 1 – 14,200 SF Indoor Grow with state of the art lighting system • Office Building /Break room /Bathroom/Packaging Room +/-1,200SF

    • 4 - 1,950 SF Canopied Greenhouses

    • 3 – 2,880 SF Canopied Greenhouses

    • Excellent Access off Highway 20

    Owner owns both the business and real estate which is included in the asking price.

    Presented by: For Sale By Owner

    id code: Or126

    Denver, Colorado

    Asking Price: $4,950,000

    For Sale is a fully licensed medical and recreational cultivation and MIP facility, consisting of approximately +/- 16,700 SF of buildings on 31,900 SF of I-A zoned land in the City of Denver. The facility has 237 bloom lights, 83 veg lights and a separate class 1, division 1, fully permitted MIP lab with commercial kitchen capabilities. The offering includes fee-simple ownership of the real estate, all city and state licenses, and plants in cycle. Highly efficient and flexible, the facility can produce retail-quality flower, high potency strains for extraction, or a combination of applications. This is a turn-key option for an established local company looking to consolidate operations, scale up, or protect their investment by owning their real estate. It is also a great option for an extract or infused product company looking to enter the Colorado market with control over quality, and a short runway to production.

    id code: Co125

    Applegate Valley, Oregon

    Asking Price: $3,900,000

    This is two up and running, successful Farms in the heart of the Applegate Valley that are ready to be transferred to new owners. The farms are adjoining, and each has their own fully licensed/compliant tier 2 outdoor production operations. These farms are turn key! With connections to Wholesalers, Processors, Dispensaries, and ALL EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS. Highly trained staff is willing to stay. Each property has its own with 3 phase power, drying, trimming, packaging, cloning, veg, break rooms, and office space. See more photos below or please inquire for details. Farms are for sale as a package and listed separately. $2.35m for 40 ac parcel with 3,180 sqft home and $1.75m for 16 ac parcel with 1,720 sqft home.

    Presented By: Oregon Licensed Brokerage

    id code: Or116

    Premier Listings

    California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada + more


    Pueblo, Colorado

    Asking Price: $1,830,000

    Beautifully designed Nexus Greenhouse located within the industrial park of Pueblo West, CO, otherwise known as the Green Belt. Turnkey business with Tier II (3600 plant count) Retail Marijuana Cultivation License. 8400 sq ft Nexus greenhouse custom built for cannabis production sitting on 1.65 acres with 51,600 sq ft of potential outdoor growing space. Wadsworth Seed Environmental Controller gives the user complete automation. Drying/curing vault with reinforced walls and ceilings, movable dry rack system, and independent temperature and humidity controls for the perfect dry and cure.118 Gavita 1000W lights with double ended bulbs. City water with 2000 GPD Aquaflow RO H2O filtration system, expandable up to 10,000 GPD, with 3000 G holding tank. Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System with BlueLabs Nutrient Monitor. Complete with drip system that can be run manually or automatically. Building was outfitted for expansion up to 27,300 sq ft. Complete with 2" city water line, expandable RO filtration system, 480/277V, 3 phase electrical supply with oversized transformer and switch board, expandable environmental controls, and much more. Current plant inventory included to generate quick revenue for new owner!

    Presented By: For Sale By Owner

    id code: Co117

    Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Asking Price: $1,100,000

    The company has an established brand that is well known in Colorado and in the cannabis community. The grow has a top-rated security system, with the ability to be accessed through cellphone apps. It is fully compliant according to city and state regulations and currently produces twenty different stains of high-quality cannabis that is processed into Fresh Frozen Full Spectrum Extracts. The grow also has six, 5-ton air conditioning units and 600 amps of available power, 36, 1000-Watt Gavita lights, and much more to offer. Facility contains a HazMat Permitted C1D1 processing room, two certified Emotek Obidos’ extraction machines, 5 Cascade scientific ovens, and all necessary equipment to store manufacture and produce high quality concentrates. (Tables, Chairs, Computers, Freezers, Shelving, ETC.) The facility is set up to manufacture Shatter, Wax, Live Resin, HTFSE, HCFSE, THC Isolate, and other concentrates. Processes “tech” included in sale. Average yields of 3.25% and up to 4.72% on in-house Fresh Frozen/ Average 11-20% yields on Shatters and waxes. Medical MIPs and OPC Turn-Key. 2 current operators/extractors available to stay and operate. SOP's included in sale for Grow and MIPs. All equipment included. True turnkey operation. Licenses, floor plan, financials available with Proof of Funds and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

    Presented By: For Sale By Owner

    id code: Co218

    Applegate Valley, Oregon

    Asking Price: $2,750,000

    Turn-key farm with strong financial history! Specifically designed for regular and continuous harvest March through November, this cultivation method allows you to beat 80% of growers to market in the fall. Considered by many to be the premier grow destination in the U.S., this property is located in the heart of S. Oregon offering the perfect mix of sun, climate and water for maximum quality, quantity and length of season. This sale includes the land, improvements and business: 12,000+/- plants at various stages, nursery groundwater right for 24/7/365 water use, 3-phase power, 13 light dep greenhouses with propane heat and climate control totaling 53,280 sf of grow space, 6,000 sf drying facility, security system, 8' steel fencing, storage containers, tractors and other equipment, 15+ dispensary relationships, written SOP's plus seller support after the sale. Owner carry considered with 1/2 down. Far too many details to list here, inquire for a comprehensive information packet!

    Presented By: Oregon Licensed Brokerage

    id code: Or118

    Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Asking Price: $1,945,000

    For Sale/Lease: Turn-key MOPC and MMC licenses/locations. MOPC is 22,000 sqft. with 40% built out and producing 35lbs per week, perpetual harvest. Lease rate on the MOPC property is only $9,500/month! The medical dispensary is averaging $180k-$220k per month in sales. Great location, single standing building in large parking lot with lots of visibility and commerce. Dispensary is 1,400 sqft. and is also fully turnkey and operational. Lease rate is $1,700/month, option for renewal.

    Presented By: For Sale By Owner

    id code: Co113

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    1,500 - 7,500 Square Feet | 9' - 15' Ceilings

    Welcome area, office, ADA restroom, small kitchen, cement flooring with drains and a sizable warehouse. The basic starting point for most scalable cannabis cultivation and marijuana manufacturer companies.

    Warehouse, Grow, Cannabis

    10,000 - 25,000 Square Feet | 16' - 20' Ceilings | Large Lot/Acreage

    Complete package for an established cannabis company. Multi-offices, multi-ADA (handicap-accessible) restrooms, large commercial kitchen(s), manufacturing area, large property lot for Greenhouse expansion. Significant investment potential and favorable ROI.

    Warehouse, Marijuana, Cultivate

    25,000+ Square Feet | 20'+ Ceilings | Lots of Open Land

    Warehouses of this magnitude typically require experienced industry investors with vision. Possible scenario: (1) Securely subdivide the property into multiple entrances and addresses. (2) Lease each unit at fair market rate. (3) Allow tenant-option buildout with a certified/licensed master contractor. (4) Hire property manager with cannabis industry experience. (5) Add your income-producing, legal cannabis asset to your wealth portfolio and enjoy your ROI.

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